Igor Vakhromeev

Hello there!

I am a manager and designer.

I know how to launch projects from the website to clothing production, how to gather requirements for the project, formulate its objectives and key results, goals and criteria for achievement. Using agile methodology.

The projects in which I participated, I publish on behance, and graphic works on dribbble.


Automation of sending water meter readings.

I am responsible for the interface, logic, and clear delivery of information to users.


History study and presentation in the form of posters.

This is a creative research project in which I study history and practice graphic representation of information. All posters are our own.


Convenience rating of RPL and FNL club sites.

Bath day

Visiting and reviewing historic public baths.


Telegram bot for marketers, editors, copywriters, PR specialists, creating a personal web page portfolio of your projects.

Safe business

Design and development of a website for a counterparty verification agency.

Soyuzniki (Allies)

Design and development of a website to collect applications to join the club of experts, entrepreneurs and investors.

I don’t blog, but sometimes I do social media posts and record my thoughts on this site.

I write and play music in a PRSM band. I organize snowboarding trips and pub crawls.

HTML / CSS (less) / JS (Vue) / PHP / MySQL / Git / Figma / Miro / Trello / Shortcuts (Clubhouse) / experience creating and developing digital products / SWOT analysis / Mind-mapping / Waterfall / Scrum / SMART / Time management